Robert Cornman II

I have been doing some form of art for as long as I can remember.  Drawing with pencil or pen was my first love and passion.  As a young kid I always produced works that my parents wanted and thought appropriate.  I have come to realize that life is too short and you only get one shot at what makes you happy. 

My paintings reflect a unique vision of movement and energy which is portrayed through a mixture of colors. They are created using acrylics on canvas and utilizing a technique of fusing colors to form different hues to produce a peaceful nature. Manipulating colors into movement through my imagination helps keep the viewer in a world between the fantasy of their dreams and true reality.

My eye is into photography with the thrill, desire, and effort it takes to get just that special spot in time.  I try to show a unique vision through my images.  I look for a picture, set the composition and study the light with contrast to color involved with the scene.  I may take several frames before getting that perfect moment I desire.  I tend to lean towards nature and elements that have a high contrast of light and sometimes an uneven balance.  I enjoy working with black and white because of control and the crisp clean lines that tend to come out of the black and white together.  The color photos I tend to create have become much easier with the whole digital era and the colors get brighter.  I want people to connect with and be able to relate to the picture on some level.  But, some people just like the pictures for no reason and that is okay too..