Kristine Campbell

I was born in Wisconsin and raised in Michigan. After college I moved to New York for a number of years and began making large, abstract, oil paintings. My return to Michigan has resulted in more representational imagery with an emphasis on local landscapes. My current work explores the idea of where I live now melded with childhood experiences.

The earliest memories I have of art are the formal family portrait photographs in my grandmother’s house and one large, framed print of a French landscape with a white cottage off center and a road that wound through the middle of the painting to a lost point on the horizon.

My first glimpse at the work of the old masters was in elementary school at the library. I would drag home the large art books and try to draw what I saw on those pages. Over the years and through art school at the University of Michigan I continued to sketch ideas in pencil and then add color using aqueous media. Later, new technologies played a role in pulling my ideas together by allowing me to experiment with combining paintings and parts of images into a digital collage. My process evolved and moved back and forth between my old methods, painting directly onto the substrate, and ‘printmaking’ with the computer. Currently I am working in acrylics on wood panel or canvas.