Cheryl Whitehead

Growing up on the prairies of Southern Manitoba, and living in both the foothills of Southern Alberta and the deep-jeweled lakes and granite outcrops of Northern Ontario has given me profound respect for, and enduring love of, Nature.

Painting has afforded me an opportunity to express some of these experiences on canvas. I have an endless fascination with Northern Lights, and delight in bringing them to life. I have also completed many mosaic works, using a wide variety of materials, including traditional Venetian glass, abalone, mirror, shell, and recycled glass. I am an avid gardener, digging my first pond at the age of four, and truly consider the garden to be a living canvas.

I completed my degree at the University of Manitoba, School of Music and the University of Toronto, Conservatory of Music and have taught piano for forty years. During this time, I was excited to have the opportunity of preparing many of my students for examinations and competitions. I was delighted to see them do so well, and proud that some of them chose to do what I do.

Proud residents of Ludington for 14 years, my husband Michael, and I completed our journey in January 201, becoming United States citizens.