Caroline Kwas

Caroline Kwas’ paintings invite you to consider the subtle complexity within the natural world's minutiae and to see the world with fresh eyes. Her vision is exquisitely expressed in her oil paintings depicting her homeland, the windswept, wave sculpted shores of New England. Using oil on panel as her chosen medium, she allows light and shadow and vivid color to reveal a dramatic scene where you least expect it. Her chosen subjects are “intimate landscapes”: they are unique, closely observed macro views that invite the viewer to marvel at the delicate structure of tiny natural objects. As a colorist, she excels at subtle earth tones juxtaposed with bright, jewel-like shouts of intense color. Strength in her compositions was demanded and honed as she strove to create dynamic, energetic paintings of her chosen subjects.

Her fascination with stones began while growing up on Long Island and roaming the fields and shorelines. Always interested in the sciences, she was captivated by the sense of vast time represented by each rock, and the endless array of orderly forms found in shells and leaves. She received her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Illustration from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, and soon thereafter left the city for the rural life along the Atlantic beaches of Montauk. She became certified to teach art in New York, and then continued with graduate studies to earn a Master’s in Literacy Education from Southampton College. During this time, she developed the work that has become the Intimate Landscape series, and her close observation of the rugged shores created the authentic coastal feel as she explored their infinite variations. Capturing their likenesses was also a spiritual quest: an invitation to ponder timelessness and to wonder about events which shaped our Earth. The Intimate Landscape series encompasses an entire philosophy of beauty inspired by her life in New England and, most recently, by her travels throughout the United States in "Bubbles", her RV. Spending winters in the Sonoran Desert in Scottsdale, Arizona, inspired a new path for her vision, and in this more expressionistic work, one can see the brilliant sunset colors and sense the vast spaces afforded by the high desert. The detour from realism into abstraction of natural forms displays her versatility as a visual artist. Organic shapes flow across the canvas, and the colors sing- years of studying nature's chromatic harmony and intricacies have translated into breathing, pulsing works that have a visceral appeal.