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Angie Cousineau  

A Cousineau is a post-impressionism painter located in Baldwin, MI. She has had an enduring love of all things creative from a very young age. She was seldom seen without a pencil and paper as a child and took every art class available as well as private lessons while growing up. She comes from a long line of artists, her mother is a landscape artist and paints with watercolors and oil. She has a sister that is an artist as well as many of her cousins.

She studied at Ferris State University in the Technical Illustration program. She currently paints with acrylic. However, she started out with watercolor and oils. She has lived in Little Rock, Arkansas and Chicago, Illinois. Her current medium is acrylic on canvas and her signature work is characterized by vibrant colors, contrasting shapes, and bold compositions with heavily-layered impasto effects. Her favorite subjects are everyday images. Animals and birds are a common theme in her paintings. Her current project is a study of birds in acrylic on canvas. Her goal is to create recognizable birds with as little structure as possible.

The goal of my work is to use color, texture, and form to create a visually stimulating image. I also experiment with spontaneity and chance. I don't seek to rely on overly-complex theories. . I think that color and form are enough to carry a painting. I am inspired by the undefined. I am inspired by the natural world - by the interpretation of it's allure and moods. By choosing mainly formal solutions, I try to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based only on subjective associations and formal parallels, which incite the viewer to make new personal associations. My objective is not to record the minute details of each flower, creature, landscape and face because there are loads of photographers that can do that much better than I. I strive to express the emotion evoked by my subject – my impression of its singular nature.